"I am on acid right now."

‒Hank Green

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"Do I look like a naughty professor?"

‒Hank Green

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"You’re young and beautiful… I’m old and… orange."

‒Hank Green

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"I’m glad I don’t have claws growing out of my tongue."

‒Hank Green

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"I mean…I’m proud of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, but I really think that ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ is my best work…or possibly ‘On The Origin of Species.’"

‒Hank Green

"I just recently learned that corndogs were imported from Germany and I don’t even know who I am anymore."

‒Hank Green

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"Love ain’t no billy goat. Love’s got regular human eyeballs. Love don’t got Satan’s eyeballs!"

‒Hank Green

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"This was surprisingly painful. Check out vlogbrothers to see the dump in action"

—Hank Green

(h/t to maureenjohnsonbooks for this one)

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"How’s your butt? How’s your butt? Is it on fire?"

‒Hank Green (via hankgreenoutofcontext)

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"Never ever ever put your ear in your mouth."

‒Hank Green

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